Annual Leadership Program (AVCLP)

We play a crucial role in strengthening community capacity through purposeful programs that are designed to meet the evolving needs of our region. We work in collaboration with community groups, not for profit organisations and government entities to ensure our efforts are aligned, intentional and impactful.

Applications for the 2025 Annual Program will open soon

You can register your interest by emailing our Program Manager via

Since its inception in 1998, the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Annual Program has equipped over 500 graduates with the tools necessary to grasp decision-making processes, understand community dynamics, and influence significant change. Utilising the North East and Border regions as a vibrant learning environment, participants visit each LGA and engage with change and decision makers from private, public, and nonprofit sectors, working collectively to hone their critical thinking, analytical, governance, and leadership skills.

Participants can expect to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of values-based leadership, including exploring motivations, personal strengths, biases and personality types
  • Join a peer group of motivated, energised participants
  • Experience dynamic program sessions, skills workshops, project days and retreats
  • Achieve personal growth and professional development to make a meaningful difference
  • Develop a greater understanding of the region’s social, economic and environmental resources
  • Engage in mobilisation through a team based activity that is undertaken throughout the duration of the program
  • Strengthen skills and understanding of governance, project management, working as a team, advocacy and public speaking

The 2025 program will be 15 full days, including a study tour to Melbourne, and two overnight retreats; in addition to a launch event and final celebration, and several online skills sessions. The program is intentional in its place-based approach and will visit each LGA in our region to learn more about the unique opportunities and challenges.

Enquiries can be made to Program Manager, Irene Pritchard via or Executive Officer, Madeline Hines via

Foster Innovation and Creativity

Encourage yourself to think outside the box. What fresh perspectives or collaborations will help you address the unique opportunities and challenges in the North East Victoria and Border Regions? Innovation is key to driving meaningful change.

Identify and Tackle Community Issues

Examine our regional communities depth. What obstacles and barriers exist? How can we work together to overcome them? You’ll learn not only to identify challenges but understand what role we can each play in contributing to the solutions.

Enhance Self-Awareness and Broaden Horizons

Engage in reflective practices and ask yourself the tough questions. How do your values and biases influence your leadership? By gaining deeper self-awareness, you can enhance your effectiveness and impact as a leader.

Build and Sustain Strong Relationships

Effective leadership is rooted in strong relationships. How are your connections formed and maintained? You’ll learn the importance of nurturing these relationships and building trust and collaboration within your community.

Commit to Your Vision for Change

You have the vision to influence positive change in your region. How will you maintain your commitment and perseverance through challenges? Learn strategies to stay focused and resilient in your leadership journey.

Sharpen Critical Leadership Skills

Engage with change-makers from various sectors and participate in activities like retreats, site visits, and community projects. Hone your critical thinking, analytical, governance, and leadership skills through practical, place-based learning.

Understand Community Dynamics and Systems

Delve into the systems that influence regional functionality and understand the dynamics at play. This comprehensive understanding will empower you to make informed decisions and drive impactful change within your community.


We actively recruit for a diverse cohort each year. We encourage applications from people of all ages, abilities and from any of our extensive multicultural, indigenous, ethnic and religious communities, with a demonstrated eagerness to contribute to the community and develop their leadership skills.

To be eligible, applicants will:

  • Show a genuine interest and involvement in their community
  • Have the time and energy to commit to the challenges of the Program year
  • Commit to leading their community in the future
  • The program takes place across the North East and Border regions of Victoria, and whilst applicants may live or work in other local government areas, we encourage applicants who live, work or contribute to communities within the local government areas of: Alpine Shire, Albury City, Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire, Mansfield Shire, Moira Shire, Rural City of Wangaratta, Towong Shire and the City of Wodonga.


15 in-person days across the region, including:

  • Two overnight retreats, and a single day mid-point reflection
  • A multi-day regional study tour in Melbourne
  • 8 individual place-based program days

In addition to:

  • Program launch event
  • 3 online skills sessions (2 hours, delivered from 7pm- 9pm)
  • Graduation event

To graduate from the program, a minimum of 80% of the Program days must be attended.


The Program spans 10 months of the year from February to November 2025.

A full program will be available here soon.


Funding of individual participation in the Annual Program can be supported through:

  • Your employer funding your participation, or
  • Self funding, or
  • One of our generous scholarship funders, who provide the opportunity to increase leadership capacity on the basis of their specified criteria, which can include geographic location, employment or community participation in different industries or interest groups, or ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for a diversity of individuals.

*Participants each contribute $1,000 ex GST; this may be payable by their funding organisation if agreed.

“Being gifted with this opportunity to participate in AVCLP through a scholarship has been life-changing.”

Maria Berry, AVCLP Graduate 2017-2018

Further information on the experience on participants is available in the Yearbook.