Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Patron

Patron – John G Brown AO

John is a member of the Brown Brothers winemaking family and is a well-known and respected businessman. John was the CEO of Brown Brothers during the 1990’s and took the company through substantial growth and change during this period. He held the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) until 2001 when he decided to step down from the CEO position so that he could pursue other interests and allow his brother Ross the opportunity to take the position. He relinquished his Directors role on the Brown Brothers Board in 2009.

John was a founding member of the AVCLP Board, serving from 1998 to 2005.  Upon his resignation he accepted the offer to serve as the Patron of Alpine Valleys Community Leadership and he has held this role to the present day.

AVCLP Patrons Message – 2022

In many ways, if we look at the last two years as being a long, cold winter fraught with much divisiveness, 2022 feels more like an emergence into spring – we are seeing people come together again, creating connection and warmth and moving past the need for prolonged bouts of resilience.
Although the sun is shining now, leaders at every level have a duty to ensure that no one is left behind. Being a leader means that we have a role, indeed a responsibility, to reach out to those who have been impacted over the last few years – be it by bushfires, floods, COVID or otherwise – and understand the work that is required to deliver support at both the individual and collective level.
This is about getting back to attending social gatherings, community meetings, coffee groups, sporting events and travel. It is also about problem solving to create stronger systems, developing community lead initiatives and solutions, and supporting one another to increase our capacity from the ground up.
We need to get all Australians fully engaged in a positive and constructive life again. Remember the leaders’ slogan “If it is to be it is up to me”.