Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

We welcome your compliments, complaints and feedback. To streamline this process, we have developed a form that enables you to provide us with all relevant information relating to your compliment, complaint or feedback.

Click here to access the form

To learn more about our complaints management process, we have included a summary of our complaints management policy below, in addition to our full Complaints Management Policy being available here

AVCL Complaints Management Policy

What is a complaint?

An expression of dissatisfaction made to or about us, our services or our staff which requires us to respond or resolve.

How do I make a complaint?

Our staff are empowered to resolve complaints promptly and with as little formality as possible.  It may be possible to resolve your complaint at the outset if you raise it directly with the staff member involved. If your complaint is not resolved at the outset or is more complex, you can:

  • Complete the following form: Click here to access the form
  • Discuss it with the Executive Officer (EO) via phone 0417 348 547
  • Or email  with the following:
    • Issues raised
    • The outcome/s you want
    • Any other relevant information
    • Any additional support you require
    • Your contact information and the date

If your complaint is about the Executive Officer, or if it hasn’t been dealt with well by the Executive Officer, you may raise your complaint with a Board Director (preferably the Chair.)

How will AVCL respond to my complaint?

AVCL will acknowledge receipt of each complaint promptly, and preferably within 5 working days. When appropriate we may offer an explanation or apology.

How will AVCL manage and resolve my complaint?

After assessing the complaint and the outcome sought, AVCL will consider how to manage it.

AVCL will advise you:

  • Of the outcome of the complaint and any action we took
  • The reason/s for our decision,
  • The remedy or resolution/s that we have proposed or put in place
  • Any options for review that may be available to you – the complainant