Rural Australia needs strong leadership in order to develop thriving, connected and resilient communities.

In 1998 a group of passionate individuals rallied around the vision for a community leadership program to develop local, capable leaders within the Ovens-Murray region of Victoria. The program was a success, and although it fell into recess the following year, the founders were determined for it to continue and worked tirelessly to secure funding to ensure the enduring spirit of local leadership.

Those initial efforts are how our organisation, Alpine Valleys Community Leadership (AVCL), came to fruition. More than twenty-five years on, we remain steadfastly committed to delivering meaningful programs that contribute to resilient and flourishing communities. We have revitalised our organisational structure, expanded our reach, and broadened our program offerings to increase the impact of our work. We work with grant funders and seek out partnership arrangements to support individual and collective capacity building for all people in North East Victoria, Southern NSW and the Border regions.

In recent times, we have reshaped the structure of our organisation to increase our own capacity in better serving the needs of our communities. This has resulted in the establishment of two entities, both ACNC registered charities, with distinct, though complimentary, charitable purposes.

  • Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Ltd – advances education and social and public welfare by building the capacity and resilience of local communities through inclusive and targeted leadership development.
  • Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Fund Ltd – advances social welfare and alleviates disadvantage by providing scholarships to individuals experiencing disadvantage, resources programs that meet the needs of all people including those experiencing disadvantage, and champions mutual respect and tolerance through program design and delivery to the broader community. This entity has DGR-1 status.

Our Annual Program has a proud reputation of developing the region’s next generation of community, business and government leaders, with over 500 people graduating from this program to date.  We are assured that our graduates make a significant contribution to the leadership capacity of the communities where they work, live and play.

Our organisation provides pathways for leadership training, delivered locally within North East Victoria and the border region. We offer a range of courses for emerging leaders taking the first steps towards leadership roles, through to accomplished leaders looking to refine their skills and knowledge.


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Vibrant and sustainable communities through local leadership


Grow the leadership capacity and voice of people and communities.