This year, our AVCLP participants have heard real-life stories from individuals and groups who have made, and who are continuing to make, a genuinely positive difference in their community. A few weeks ago, In Mansfield, they honed in on the great work being done by the Mansfield Armchair Cinema.


The Mansfield Armchair Cinemas give local students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience required to run a dynamic business. They are unique community assets which are operated as not for profit trust organisations, and after paying those students, any surplus is returned to the community through local organisations hosting fundraising film nights.


The cinemas have state-of-the-art equipment which allows mainstream and block buster films, as well as art-house styles to be viewed in both of the theatres, which (with its extractable stage and screen) can also cater for live productions, concerts, music and seminar. We’d like to thanks James Wilson, Managing Director of the Mansfield Armchair Cinema and his team, for all that they do. Thanks also for speaking with our participants James!