Are you prepared to stand with your community in times of need? As our climate changes and natural disasters strike, we need community leadership. You are invited to join with others from the North East region to learn leadership fundamentals and practical knowledge in this space. Be empowered to step up during and after a natural disaster, and confidently take climate change adaptation actions from ideas through to outcomes. Learn what other communities in the North East are doing to support disaster recovery and climate change adaptation. Be part of a network that will lead change towards 2050.
AVCL will lead the program, facilitating a range of sessions over a total of 8 days, delivered from late March through to August 2023. The focus is to develop skills and strengthen capacity to work with rural communities in leading change, particularly as it relates to disaster recovery and climate change.
This program will be delivered by Alpine Valleys Community Leadership (AVCL). This project received grant funding from the Australian Government as part of the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.
Further information and applications via:
Applications close Friday 10 March