Great News!


AVCL is delighted to advise that our annual community leadership program is going ahead but at a new time. The program, which was to have commenced in July, will now start in late January or early February 2021, due to the Covid-19 situation.

Applications will open on Monday 3 August and stay open for seven weeks, closing on Sunday 20 September.

The program will commence eight months after the original starting date. There are a number of very sound reasons for this, the foremost being that government and health authorities are advising that as a nation, we can anticipate being in the recovery phase of the Covid-19 health crisis before that time. It also provides a greater opportunity for AVCL to collaborate with other regional community leadership programs across Victoria, sharing ideas and working on projects together as they deliver their programs aligned to a calendar year.

We understand the need for certainty in relation to our Annual Program and we are excited at the possibilities this realignment with the calendar year brings for the ongoing evolution and development of the Annual Program. We review our program content each year, however, the timing shift will allow deeper reflection of the course content to ensure its continuing relevance to current and emerging issues in our region. Part of this review will investigate leadership in a crisis, an issue that has become crucial this year with bushfires and Covid-19.

AVCL, along with so many other organisations, is being adaptive and innovative in managing change in difficult circumstances: putting into practice that which we teach.

It is in times like these that the training our Alumni have received through AVCLP comes to the fore in support of our communities. This is, not surprisingly, evident in the proactive attitude of our current participants who are embracing the final elements of their program being delivered online and the deferral of their Canberra Study Tour, final retreat and Graduation to August and September.

Below is an outline of the how the program will run from 2021. We look forward to supporting the 2021 participants in their leadership growth and continuing to strengthen our communities in resilience, problem solving and self-determination.

We CAN make a positive contribution to our communities and each other. That’s what AVCL does – come and join us in 2021.

*Watch out for regular updates via our website and facebook page.


2021 Annual Community Leadership Program


August 3 – 20 September 2020 Applications open for the 2021 community leadership program, closing on Sunday 20 September
21 September – October Applications acknowledged and interviews conducted
October and November Offers sent to successful applicants
Acceptances received by AVCL
Mid November New initiative – a program launch with applicants’ family invited, along with sponsors, workplace funders and supporters.
December-January Contact continues with successful applicants in preparation for the start of the program
Late January/early February 2021 Program commences, similar structured timetable but with some refreshed content specifically aligned to recent emerging issues such as bushfires and Covid-19
Mid-November 2021 Program ends with final retreat

Interviews and offers for the 2022 program during October, November 2021.

Late November 2021 Graduation