Annual Program 2021 Community Projects

As part of our 2021 Annual Program, a new Community Projects component was introduced, providing an opportunity for participants to undertake a community focused project and engage in a learning format that is both active and experiential. Participants were able to develop new skills, grow their capabilities, broaden their networks and create an impact within their community.

Supported by mentors heralding from our Annual Program Alumni, each Community Project focused on achieving measurable outcomes that provide benefits to the region, in alignment with the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership Strategic Plan.

Project teams undertook project management training, and then worked together to thoughtfully develop project concepts, scopes, timelines, budgets and risk assessments. Upon acceptance of their Community Project by AVCL, each team then undertook the work on their project over the course of the Annual Program, providing regular reporting throughout the process, and concluding with a closure report and presentation at Graduation.

Our 2021 Community Projects were supported through seed funding generously contributed by the Kyamba Foundation and Hugh Williamson Foundation.

Summaries of each project are provided below.

Acorn | Ready, Set, Life

Overview: Team Acorn’s Community Project focused on delivering an interactive workshop on developing the financial literacy skills of young people, to assist them in their transition to adulthood and enable them to make informed decisions about the next steps in their journey. The aim of the project was to empower and connect our future leaders.

Outcomes: Team Acorn engaged with Mt Beauty Secondary School, and arranged the facilitation of a financial literacy skills workshop for a group of Year 10 students. The workshop was delivered by The Mandala Project in August 2021. The success of the workshop was such that there is now scope for further workshops to be delivered, with planning underway for delivery to take place in Term 1 of 2022.

Click image for digital version of the Small Change Big Impact calendar.

Chrysalis | Small Change, Big Impact

Overview: Chrysalis utilised a process of storytelling and capacity building to inform the development of a 12-month calendar which shares stories of everyday regional people who do small things that collectively reduce our footprint on the earth. The process of gathering information strengthened relationships and connections between people and their community, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. The final product will celebrate individual action and inspire regional people to reduce their carbon footprint to address climate change.

Outcomes: Chrysalis were able to connect with a range of individuals across North East Victoria, learning more about their sustainability efforts and how small efforts can create a large impact. Using the initial seed funding provided, Chrysalis engaged a graphic designer to develop a reusable monthly calendar featuring these stories, and were able to produce hard copy calendars, on enviro-friendly paper, to be distributed across the North-East. The digital version of the calendar is also available to download by clicking here.

Jaspa | Diversity and Inclusion Mural

Overview: The goal of this project was to create a vibrant mural in Wangaratta with a theme of diversity and inclusion, cultivated through a process of youth consultation and engagement. Consultation with young people is a key part of the process, helping to draw out ideas and create conversations that contribute to the development of the theme of the mural. These themes will be interpreted by a carefully selected artist and translated into an image for the mural.

Outcomes: Jaspa were able to collaborate with Yarrunga Primary School, with an appropriate space for the mural being identified on one of the school buildings. Through a consultative and inclusive process, Team Jaspa engaged with local artist, Chris Henderson, to undertake a two staged approach to develop and paint the mural which was completed in December. Jaspa were also successful in obtaining additional funding through BendigoBank and AlayaCare, ensuring the project was able to be completed in full.

The Quintets | Bringing Communities Together

Overview: Originally, the Quintets had planned to host and publicize an event at the 2021 Wangaratta Show that encouraged and supported diverse volunteer organizations within the Rural City of Wangaratta to set up information stalls to connect with the public for the purpose of telling their stories, sharing information and attracting new volunteers. The Quintets aligned themselves to collaborate with the Grit and Resilience Project, to produce a guide that can assist local community groups to develop and host their own community gatherings. Gatherings and events in the communities will strengthen connection, improve mental health and reduce suicide.

Outcomes: Working with the Grit and Resilience Project, the Quintets are currently developing a  comprehensive manual that will be an integral part the Grit and Resilience program community lead initiative for communities to have more community events. Supported by The Rural City of Wangaratta, the guidelines will ensure community groups are best placed to develop and host a successful event.

Ohana | Unspoken Words

Overview: Ohana’s Community Project originally focused on gathering the stories and experiences of people in Corryong. Under the advice of AVCL, they then pivoted to profiling graduates of the AWECC M-Incubator program, understanding the stories of the multicultural community members of Albury Wodonga. After frequent setbacks due to COVID and timelines, Ohana have re-developed a project sharing their own journey of challenges, delivering a community project outcome and working with a remote team during times of frequent and uncontrolled change.  

Outcomes: Ohana have developed a presentation outlining key learnings related to working in a team, the project management experience and trying to develop and deliver project scopes during Covid that will be presented at the 2021 Graduation. They hope by telling their story, others will relate and learn from the experience when facing the challenges of delivering projects in the community.

Below is a recording of the Community Projects presentations as given by our 2021 Annual Program participants during the 2021 online graduation event.