Community Projects form part of the Annual Program, providing an experiential opportunity to contribute to achieving a community focused outcome. The projects are possible through generous seed funding by the Kyamba Foundation and Hugh Williamson Foundation.

As part of the 2022 Annual Program, Team United developed “A Chair To Share” as their project.

A Chair To Share

Team United: Tegan Allen, Maisie Pilli, Elise Hill, Aaron Wallace, Jane Witherow

Overview: Team United aimed to create a Park Bench, also known as ‘A Chair to Share’, to advocate for Mental Health in individuals of all ages across the North East. The objective was to create a space and tool for community members to sit, alone or with a friend, and reflect, speak up and be present. The park bench would be engraved with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ to incorporate the sentiments of a different community project created by local members, and link in the importance of speaking up about mental health struggles.

Outcomes: Team United exceeded their objective and delivered not one, but three park benches located throughout Towong Shire in Corryong, Indigo Shire in Yackandandah and the Rural City of Wangaratta in Murmungee. Team United engaged with the local Yackandandah Men’s Shed and local crafts men from Corryong and Beechworth to construct the park benches, and worked alongside the three individual local councils to ensure the placement of the park benches throughout our towns. The park benches have each been engraved, with the quote “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which outlines and advocates for the battle against the stigma of mental health and provide the views and users support information through a QR code and brochure. Team United celebrated the project with a small event at the Corryong park bench, located in Corryong CBD , with locals coming together in support of the project outcomes.