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Our Annual Program

The Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program aims to foster the development of a vibrant network of community and business leaders across Northeast Victoria and its border regions; and beyond.

AVCLP provides potential and emerging leaders with a unique experiential learning program that develops the participant’s personal leadership skills, their knowledge of the region and their network of professional and community contacts.

The program is delivered annually from July to the following May. Each year up to 25 participants who live in the Northeast Victoria and border regions and who represent a diverse range of ages, professions and leadership experience are recruited for the program through a competitive selection process.

Participants meet fortnightly at locations across the region, to work with the region’s most outstanding leaders whilst visiting a range of locations of significance to the region. The course also includes three retreats, where the personal leadership skills of the participants are developed and study tours to Melbourne and Canberra, where participants are able to meet State and Federal leaders.

The Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program covers Northeast Victoria and the New South Wales border regions, comprising the Local Government Areas of Alpine Shire, Albury City, Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire, Mansfield Shire, Moira Shire, Rural City of Wangaratta, Towong Shire and the City of Wodonga.

For some, the AVCLP experience is “simply life-changing”.


AVCLP Graduates

AVCLP Graduate Alumni

The Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program has assisted in producing an array of graduates serving in high profile leadership roles across the region.