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he Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program has assisted in producing an array of graduates serving in high profile leadership roles across the region.

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Kerry Craig

Kerry CraigCurrent Role/s – work & community
Community Projects Officer with the Rural City of Wangaratta Currently facilitating the Community Food for All initiative and coordinating Council’s Community Grants Program.

AVCLP year:

Reflections/benefits/outcomes from your AVCLP experience
On reflection, the experience gave me confidence with new skills such as facilitation and governance. The experience provided me with a network which I benefit from in an ongoing and developing way. The experience allowed me to think about who I am and where I am going in a more mindful way and connected way. The experience helped me set a goal to undertake further studies which I have undertaken and achieved.

What are you doing to continue to grow and develop as a community leader?
I am currently working across communities on projects that support emerging leaders and community wellbeing outcomes.

I have studied concepts and theories to optimise my community leadership experience. I reflect on my experiences with the aim of developing my understanding and insight into community leadership to further enhance my practice.

What do you think are the qualities of a successful community leader?

  • Passion
  • Context
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reflection
  • Gratitude

Any leadership resource tips eg. current readings/ books/links etc.
Ted Talks at
The Six Value Medals by Edward de Bono


Birgit Schonafinger

Birgit SchonafingerCurrent Work Rolework & community
Director of Fishbowl PR. Job sharing the volunteer Communications Co-ordinator’s role for SIMNA (Social Impact Measurement Network Australia) Vice president PR, Wangaratta Toastmasters Club

AVCLP year

Reflections/benefits/outcomes from your AVCLP experience
As a communicator and former journalist, for me the experience was all about the people and their stories – the fellow participants, the guests and community leaders. You’ll never hear more inspiring stories than the participants’ ‘All About Me’ sessions.

The program introduced me to some personal development lessons which have stood me in good stead ever since. It also led me to other courses which helped prepare me for a 3 year term as a board member and supported my interest in life-long learning.

What are you doing to continue to grow and develop as a community leader?
I continue to look for opportunities where I might be able to make a contribution and where I can learn from others – there are so many talented people in this region.

It is also important to keep up with trends. In the future it is clear that funding bodies will want more evidence of what their dollars achieved. I recently completed a Social Return on Investment training course and would love to connect with others that have an interest in social impact.

I’m a member of the Wangaratta Toastmasters club where I am improving my skills as a public speaker.

What do you think are the qualities of a successful community leader?
So many people are dedicated to doing something constructive for their community and they all have different ways of realising their visions. In my observation, those who are more successful mix motivation and drive with an ability to bring people along for the journey and have fun doing so. They build skills and capacity in their colleagues and know when it is time to hand the reins over and empower others to continue. I take my hat off to the many people who work tirelessly for the benefit of their community.

Any leadership resource tips eg. current readings/ books/links etc.
Leading with Emotional Intelligence by Reldan S Nadler for their emerging leaders’ spotlight


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Deanne Burge
Michelle Burrowes
Jane Carney
Bronwyn Chapman
Matthew Currie
Vidura Delpitiya (Del)
Mark Ditcham
Elizabeth Ellis
Dianne Ferguson
Tahni Froudist
Jenny Griffiths
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Allan Hooper
Nicholas Jordan
Owen Lappin
Kirsten Lingard
Steven Martin
Bonnie McIntosh
Kerryn Mitchell
Courtney Naughton
Lucy O'Dwyer
Kevin Powell
Rigtje Raadsveld (Rikki)


Elisha Barry
Paul Blackshaw
Steven Burke
Lisa Cartledge
John Cavedon
Elizabeth Frazer
Jemma Galvin
Sally Hayden
Michelle Hudson
Jeanie Keeton
Richard Merton
Trish Mom
Martina Moore
Kerrie Mountford
Craig Murphy
Kyle Oxley
Will Read
Tania Weller
Anthony Wilson
Brendan White
Gary Wingrave
Elise Wood


Tessa Archbold
Charlotte Bisset
Deanne Campbell-Brown
Suzanna Christison
Lyn Clark
Chris Cumming
Michael Donehue
Stephen Gemmill
Craig Grant
Angela Harders
Joanne Hughes
Kitty Knappstein
Cate Kirk
Lisa Linton
Michael Nardella
Kevin Newton
Mayssa Powell
Bruce Ray
Peter Sacco
Jennifer Sinnott
Jennifer Star
Vanessa Stitz
Jackie Thompson
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Jacqui Bright
Ann Maree Christian
Tracey Cooper
Garry Corcoran
Sandra Dalton
Kevin de Henin
Deb Donkers
Julie Folan
Judy Griffiths
Bridie Guy
Lauren Landman
Narelle Martin
Sara Reid
Sandra Ross
Grant Saunders
Kate Simpson
Bart Smith
Cheryl Smith
Michael Vanderzee
Karen van de Sande
Maree Warnett
Bindy Welsh
Bronwen Wilson


Luke Brock
Leanne Bussell
Ashley Campbell -Brown
Kevin Cosgriff
Karen Daglish
Pat Doyle
Adele Earl
Racheal Edis
Emma Fuchsen
Cheryl Impink
Andrew McGranahan
Kate Marshall
Leon Newton
Austin Nicholas
Sally Rodgers
Birgit Schonafinger
Faye Smart
Melanie Walker


Jenny Ashby
Graeme Blake
Gwenda Canty
Matthew Charles-Jones
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Ross Grant
Alice Gratton
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Tegan Lithgow
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Lauren McCully
Emma McPherson
Shane Martin
Diane Martin
Wendy Porter
Judith Samways
Charmaine Stefani
Craig Turton
Helen Vey
Mary Anderson


Sue Arndt
Gillian Belle
Sandy Belgre
Brett Bevan
Malcolm Bradbury
Julia Cocks
Kym Goodman
Catherine Hattersley
Phil Horner
Paul Horton
Gayle Hughes
Brian Jones
Grant Jones
Justin King
Lisa Mangelsdorf
Chris Morris
Kelvin Neal
Matthew O’Connell
Colleen Reynolds
Wayne Rotherham
Joanne Ryan
Christopher Tate
Kristy Youman


Roy Baird
Robert Bon
Felicity Brooke
Tim Clune
Kerry Craig
Shane Downie
Sarah Flamsteed
David Guy
Gwen Holford
Carolyn Humby
Melissa Ivone
Barbara Martin
Lisa McInerney
Kerry Moylan
Cristina Perra
Alison Pockley
Greta Quinlivan
Vicki Robinson
Lizette Salmon
Kim Scanlon
Celia Turnbull


Helen Allan
Tracey Appleby
Susan Bull
Paul Brady
Jeff Carboon
Angela Craven
Sarah Daniell
Trish Gallagher
Leanne Harris
Anne Hiskins
Lynne Jones
Jacinta Ludeman
Sue Lukins
Jackie Mooney
Anthony Nicholson
Michele Padbury
Tony Rebetzke
Leonard Redfern
Helen Robinson
Shay Simpson
Travis Smith


Neil Aird
John Antonello
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Allan Findlay
Will Flamsteed
Lynn Gibson
Paul Greaves
Anthony Griffiths
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Chris Hepner
Kaye Hildebrand
Nell Kell
Catherine Kent
Jan Kowarzik
David Larkman
Renee Palmer
Elaine Paton
Mary Prowse
Judy Seymour
Caitlin Sheehan
Aaron Vanegmond
Debbie Watts


Helen Al Helwani
Janet Bell
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Erin Brooks
Trish Curtis
Graham Daglish
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Kevin Freeman
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Christine Jewell
Sue Leavold
Sonia Lewis
Sue McCabe
Gariele Moritz
Gary Nicholls
Katie Park
Doug Paton
Hugh Pason
Sue Salau
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Ralph Scalso
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Julie Wilkins


Anneshka Brown
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Tracey Farrant
Phillip Gardner
Phil Garoni
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Michele Lee
Barry McIntosh
Henry McKenzie
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Pamela Simpson
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Michelle Wilkinson
Robert Williams


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David Briggs
James Burgess
Debbie Corbett
Yvonne Evans
Karen Hayes
Karen Jones
Kristy McCormick
Marilyn McKenzie-McHarg
Leesa Milne
Kevin Murphy
Betty Murtagh
David Ryan
Graham Scott
MariJana Southern
John Stapleton
Tanya Tatulaschwili
Geoff Turnbull
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David Briggs


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Jenny Bradley
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Bruce Dwerryhouse
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