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VRCLP (Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs)

VRCLPAVCLP is a proud and active member of the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs Association. Established in 2012, central to the Association is a Secretariat that provides a coordinating and advocacy role for Victoria’s ten regional Community Leadership Programs.

Victoria leads Australia in the delivery and coverage of Community Leadership Programs (CLP’s) During August 2014 the tenth Community Leadership Program (Rivers and Ranges), began its inaugural program with support from the Boards and Executive Officers of VRCLP. With this milestone, every corner of regional Victoria is now served by a Community Leadership Program.

VRCLP Location MapEach of the ten Programs work independently to deliver a range of programs that reflect the needs and attributes of each of our regions, but we also work cooperatively to share best practice in program delivery and organisational governance.

Collectively VRCLP has over 2500 alumni spread across rural and regional Victoria. Over 250 emerging leaders participate in our annual programs in any one year, with hundreds more participating in our workshops, leadership forums and short courses.

Surveys of stakeholders in 2013 and 2014 found that our programs deliver an estimated $13million worth of volunteer contributions to Victoria annually and 1300 community organisations benefit from our programs.

For more information about VRCLP, visit their website

VRCLP Conference

Photo: VRCLP staff and Board members met in Shepparton this year for a professional development conference